D.M.S. S.r.l. Call for proposal Innovation A 2018: “Support for the acquisition of services for technologic, strategic, organisational and commercial innovation for enterprises” Sub.action A “Supporting the innovation processes for MSMEs belonging to manufacturing and service sector: support to the acquisition of innovative services/project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020.

Project Title: Innovation on the road

UPC 16807.19102018.132000034


D.M.S. S.r.l. availed itself of innovative and specific services for the introduction of new products/services and business innovations.

With regard to productive targets that D.M.S. S.r.l aims to reach, the company launched an innovation project on both already-existing products and services and also on the introduction of new services. This has been possible thanks to the supply of the following services, which are established in the List of advaced and qualified services for Tuscan enterprises:

  • Qualified services for a first support to innovation. Through the feasibility study service, the proponent will be able to have a clear sight of its own position from different perspectives: competition, tecnology, organisation, management, and social, with an evaluation of its own potential.
  • Qualified and specialised services for consulting and supporting innovation. The following sub-services are included:
    • 1.2 Support to the introduction of new products;
    • 3.1 Support to the introduction of innovation in the management of relationship with clients;
    • 3.2 Support to the development of specialised distributive networks and the promotion of products

At the end of the activities, the D.M.S company aspires to reach an enhancement of productive organizational processes and also an improvement in the interaction and collaboration of all the actors involved in the value chain.